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Hi, welcome to my portfolio. You can find some of my game programming projects below, hope you enjoy them.

Professional Projects


Male Doll - Sexcraft Sofiya And The Lewd Clan, Programmer and Technical Artist, 2021, In Development(+18)

A platform where the player can have sex with enemies. The design is an improvement on what was done in Boyfriend's Rescue with improvements to the platform mechanics adding features like “coyote time” and jump load. In this project, I was responsible for implementing all features, VFX, and suggestions in UI and design.

Technology:  Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Pixel perfect, key binding, better platform mechanics, better enemy AI, sprite shape levels, development thinking in port for Nintendo Switch

Steam (+18)


Male Doll - Bring Me a Man, Santa, Programmer and Technical Artist, 2020, Game Released (+18)

A casual game where the player collects the items thrown on the screen to undress the character in the background. I was responsible for implementing punctual things, adding assets, and graphics polishing, as well as some design and interface suggestions.

Technology:  Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: UI animation, camera filters

Steam (+18)


Male Doll - Puzzle Games Upgrade(Furry Heroes, Magical Girl), Programmer, 2020, Games Released (+18)

An improvement to the basic puzzle template(Puzzle Games[Domina Trix, Summer Flowers, Villain Project]). Two new mini-games have been added, in one the player must follow a shape with the mouse and the other rhythmic where the sequence of actions must be corrected. I was responsible for implementing all features and for graphics polishing.

Technology:  Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Shape drawing, rhythmic game, localization

Furry Heroes Steam (+18)
Magical Girl Steam (+18)


Male Doll - Boyfriend's Rescue, Programmer
2020, Game Released (+18)

It was the biggest project I had worked on so far, about 9 months. The project is a platform that as main mechanics we have the exchange of skins with each skin having different abilities and adult interaction with defeated enemies. I was responsible for implementing most of the project besides VFX and design suggestions.

Technology:  Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Platform Mechanics, Architecture with Scriptable Objects, Accessibility Options 

Steam (+18)


Male Doll - Puzzle Games(Domina Trix, Summer Flowers, Villain Project), Programmer
2020, Games Released (+18)

My first project at Male Doll. My role was mainly to develop a base that would be used in three games, giving instructions on how to insert assets for each one. And then make small adjustments and polishes. The games consist of puzzles that when solved display the full picture.

Technology:  Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Steam Achievements, Basic Puzzle Mechanics and Gallery

Domina Trix Steam (+18)
Summer Flowers Steam (+18)
Villain Project Steam (+18)

Guará Games - Neon Slash, Programmer
2019, Released Game

My second project in Guará Games. It's a cyberpunk themed addictive (and kinda hard) casual game. Great time (and patience) killer.

Technology:  Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Achievements: ADS integration, gameplay programming, UI programming, performance optimization, particles, post-processing, translation.

Google Play


Guará Games - Cellular Organelles Quiz, Programmer
2018, Prototype

Another project in Guará Games. It's a quiz game prototype about cellular organelles that appears to be made for toddlers but has really hard questions.

Technology:  Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Scoreboard, Video integration.

Guará Games - O Inferno de Tande, Programmer
2018, Game Released

My first project in Guará Games. A casual game with 9 levels and amazing art.

Technology:  Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Gameplay programming, level selector, performance optimization, particles.

Personal Projects

I still don't have much to show here, most of my professional projects were developed at the university, so I categorized them as academics.

Academic Projects


Space Gens, Programmer and Artist, 2019, Prototype

Project developed at the university as part of a larger project. My responsibility was to develop the app that works as a playful interface for recording audio to help children's literacy. The project was presented at the Brazilian Games Symposium (SBGames).

Technology: Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Audio capture, spectrum visualization  

Combat Mechanics, Programmer and Designer
2018, Mechanics

This is a basic combat system project and implementation, with movement, close combat and special abilities.

Technology: Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: 6 different types of hand attacks and possibility to add more, 2 special abilities implemented, walk and run, row, skill experience and level up, objects interaction, checkpoints, basic (dumb) AI.

Git Source Code

2.5D Platform, Programmer
2018, Mechanics

2.5D platform movement prototype. Developed to test an idea on how to make a 2.5D platform game work with a good perspective. The results were satisfactory, it´s even possible for the player to go through loops.

Technology: Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Perspective platform

Crash Ball, Programmer and Artist
2016, Mini game and Graphics

This was made in OpenGL immediate mode. My part was to implement all graphics and make the models and ui elements.

Technology:  C++, OpenGL

Achievements: Introduction to OpenGL, Circle collision and response.

Git Source Code

Game Jam Projects


ILF - Intergalactic Lost and Found, Programmer
2021, Prototype

Another project with my friends from Guara Games was made at the Global Game Jam. Follows the description on the page “This game is about Cleber, a space Lost and Found employee who needs to help people find what they have lost. The problem is, he has some issues with his universal translator so there are some parts of the conversations he can't understand. Try to make a guess with what you got from people's saying and have fun!”

Technology: Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Being able to execute the initial project proposal in a GGJ

Global Game Jam page
Play online


Where Do I Belong, Programmer
2019, Prototype

In this GGJ edition I decided to make everything from scratch to practice. It was tiring, but I managed and strengthened my knowledge with it.

Technology: Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: Platform from scratch, the lobby changes depending on the player choices in each level.

Global Game Jam page


Alex Vortex vs Depression, Programmer
2018, Prototype

My fist time in a game jam. My job was to make the basic gameplay, modeling the main character´s very 80´s guitar-piano-shaped weapon and the wireframe-like visual (just check the game, you´ll see what I mean... I guess. I hope).

Technology: Unity 3D, C#

Achievements: First game jam, fake wireframe visuals, the player automatically shoots to the rhythm of the song.

Global Game Jam page

About Me

Leandro Dornela
Graphics, Games, Sciences and Nature

I am Leandro, a computer science student very passionate about game development and computer graphics, currently attending my last semester in college.
I see games in addition to entertainment as a way to teach people about respect, history, and science in general. And in the graphics, with its algorithmic and mathematical beauty, it is a form of expression and assistance in transmitting the message or feeling that one wants to convey.


The rectory on the right and astronomical observatory on the left.


Ongoing Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora

Some of my best years, despite all the difficulties. I had the opportunity to participate in several projects such as monitoring, research, and organizing events, including three editions of the Global Game Jam and receptions for new students. And at the end of the course, start the formation of a game development group.

Other skills

Intermediary English



Coffee making

Problem solving


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